Motto behind Auto Repair in New Delhi

Auto repair as a term is quite popular but the doubt resides in its knowledge and implementation. Very limited is the idea about what this phrase actually stands for. Though vehicles have been the darling of the humans for long, yet not everything about it is known to them. However, many helping hands are waiting to offer their service in order to make the drive smooth and this help could be found easily, anywhere. Repairing is an effect that comes with the cause, vehicles and it needs to be addressed and so exists, the repair shops. There are many shops available with services like Auto Repair in New Delhi.

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Auto is the short form of the word automotive, which talks of self-powered vehicles. The manufacturing, modification and selling of vehicles takes place via automotive industry and it is indeed a very important kind of business. Human life, its sustenance, its well being, its progression depends a lot on vehicles. It is because of the vehicles that life has become an easy toil for some people. Therefore, it is their duty to look after and take proper care of the wheels that help in their fortune.

A car requires variety of services in order to stay in a running or healthy condition. Maintenance, repairs and certain servicing are the requirements.

Although all three might sound similar but actually they uphold different benefits.

I. M for Maintenance-

This is the primary step that should be taken so as to keep the vehicle away from other two succeeding steps. Maintenance means invigilating and checking for the faults that can bother a car and prevent it from driving. Generally, this is done for free when a car is new but that does not mean it is not required. Rather a good owner must always remember to maintain his/her car and take the vehicle to its grooming station. Changing of engine oils and worn out tires, proper functioning of brakes and engine cooling system etc. are the jobs that need to be done.

II. R for Repair-

Repairing is the second step that you need to go through when your car has suffered some damage. The reason can be anything- it can be a minor accident or damages due to negligence i.e. if you have ignored to maintain it properly. A broken mirror, a bump in the body, hood cloth replacing, scratches etc. all is repairing works. Apparently, maintenance and repairing go hand in hand but there is a slight thread of difference.

III. S for Servicing-

It is not actually the third step, but a bit different. Servicing means repairing but here, it stands for certain services offered depending on the demands of the owners. Some of these include enhancing the car power, remapping of ECU, converting one car into another, providing cars for differently abled, etc.